December 14, 2009

The Time is Now...

I have slacked off this year regarding working out... Had joined our Biggest Loser group the church had this summer but maybe lost 1/2 lb. the whole time, and that only made me feel worse.
They have a winter one but I didn't even bother to sign up and be apart of it just to feel even worse about myself. 
No, me feeling bad had nothing to do with anyone in the group but myself. And I am fed up. It's time to kick myself into gear and get moving again. When the pants don't fit and the shirts feel small it's time to do something about it instead of getting into the ditch deeper.
So today was day one and I got about 20 min. in. Netflix has so many work out videos to watch on the computer instantly... so I will work with one or more of those to get started and then go back to using my Biggest Loser workout dvd because I got the best results with that. I still love Turbo Jam so once I get established I will add that one in every few days as well.

So now that this is written it needs to be done.
We will push through the pain and in the end feel a whole lot better on the outside and inside.

One work out down!

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