December 11, 2009

This weather is giving me a real good beating this week and I don't know how much longer I can take it.
So much to do and nothing getting done.
But we should be back up into the 30's next week and it will be nice... of course it will bring rain but you can't have everything. :)

Want to bake but if that happens the weight will continue to add up... Is there such thing as the Winter 20??? Because that is what is happening here.

Might see snow this weekend but then again it could be freezing rain, won't know until late tonight into tomorrow.
I wonder if family members would be upset if we decided to spend the rest of winter in Hawaii... No it would never happen unless we came into some money, but one can dream right. ;)

Need to get moving (turtle's pace) 
and clean up around the house a bit.

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