December 3, 2009

Winter... brrr

Winter is rearing it's head, blustery, clear skies make for extremely cold days! 
BUT... I have something to be thankful for and that is new windows!! We started putting them in on Wednesday and now the house is warmer and looks totally different... the windows actually look a whole lot bigger! We have our huge picture window and bedroom left and we should get those in by Friday or Saturday then our house will be cozy =)
I'm so grateful that my guy is a window installer and I'm sure the landlord is grateful also. 

We all seem to be healthy, the last few months has been a struggle but we have come out of it with flying colors!
Two more weeks of school then the kids will be off till January... I have a some ideas to keep them busy and hope we all don't go stir crazy. They say we could start getting snow by next Wednesday and our highs Sunday through Tuesday will be in the mid 30's... So not looking forward to all of this and I'm hoping it is a mild winter. I still think the winter season should be over by January 1st... it seems like it last forever once January comes. 

Been crocheting and only have a few more scenes of yarn left... really wish I could get more but we got Christmas presents and need to pay that all off first. 
There is still sewing but for some reason I just can't get into the mood for it. 

Well hope all is well in your home.

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