December 7, 2009

It is so very very cold outside... it would be 31 degrees right now if the wind hadn't picked up, now it is way colder.
I can't complain though...the sun is shining and that makes looking out the window very pleasant. 

Watched The Christmas Carol 3D with my book club group on Saturday... Loved the movie but don't know that I would allow the kids to watch it till they are a bit older, it had a few things that would be a bit scary for small ones. 
We then headed back to our meeting place and disgust the book and did a cookie exchange, it was a great get together!
Did some pictures for some friends for their Christmas card. That was fun and a bit challenging with a dog and cat. 
But I had a good time and they love the pictures and that is all that matters.

This is just one of the pictures I played with... they aren't using this but it was a bit of fun I added. 
I do like this one below.

I need to do our family pictures... won't be able to send any out like everyone usually does but maybe I could email it or post it... One day we might be able to make something.

A couple more weeks till school is out for winter break... wee fun. Hopefully I can keep the kids busy so they don't go stir crazy. 
Got all our windows in just in time for this freezing weather that has decided to rear it's ugly head. I'm so grateful for them! The old windows... well, one sheet of glass and no seals does not make it a window... they will not be missed one bit!

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