February 17, 2010

YAY Fabric!!

I absolutely LOVE fabric! Yes, I still have a love for yarn but my heart doesn't bounce as much as it does when I see gorgeous fabrics.
This is my newest baby blanket... I have been working on two of them in this fabric for way to long... Should have been done with them a month ago but I couldn't decide whether I wanted to hand quilt them or not... the decision is to hand quilt... So I will get on it asap.
I was over at Ruby Jane's because I wanted to get some of her Alice In Wonderland Collection (The last three photos at the bottom) to make a couple pillow cases for my best friend and I to have for the women's retreat in April and I stumbled upon some other fabrics I couldn't resist!
I am actually really completely excited to make these future items! The baby blankets will be added to my shop as soon as they are finished! Looks like I'm coming back to life again! I love Spring time and warmer sunshiny weather!! It gets my blood flowing! <3

Oh, and here is part of my crocheted Afghan I've been working on... Still behind but eventually will get it finished. =)
I'm using silk yarns, thus the reason it's shiny.
This has been a wonderful learning experience for me! 

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MelissaSamson said...

I loooove the fabric for the pillows!!!! :) you are pretty much amazing, friend!!