February 15, 2010

New look and a la dee da da

Can you believe the end of February is right around the corner!! How much fast can this year go!?! 

Losing weight has been a slower process these last few weeks, haven't lost much but I can say that the inches are falling off and that makes me happy!
My two youngest have been sick this last week... my middle guy didn't go to school all week and was miserable, my girl seems to be doing better then he did but still she ended up missing out on her Valentine's party on Friday, they both did and that was a little heart breaking till daddy went out and got them some heart chocolates. It made the day much brighter for them.

Slower then a slug we are getting things cleaned up around here. Lots of things we don't even need or use and it is time for them to go.
I'm seriously hoping all the kids will be going to school tomorrow... And I'm hoping my motivation returns because really all I want to do is sit and crochet, and watch movies.
I'm a kind of girl that likes lots of windows and sunshine coming in during the day but lately I have found myself sitting in a dark room literally, curtains drawn, dark dark dark.
Don't think I'm depressed...or a lighter word for it would be gloomy which is how my winters normally go. 
Our winter has been extremely mild so you'd think I would be spending every sunny day enjoying it. 
Winter just seems like the LONGEST SEASON EVER!

My daffodils are starting to bloom and that is nice to see when I do go out. 

Well I should get going and stop procrastinating... I have a ton of stuff sitting on the couch that I need to go through and get rid of or consolidate. 
Have a blessed day! 

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