February 5, 2010

Our time has come...
We will pack up and head down south to see that big eared fella and his girl... The kids don't know and I think we will keep it a surprise till we show up in front of this wonderland everyone raves about, including my husband... he has been there a million times with his family and high school band.
As for myself I get all nervous anytime we do something drastically different. It is that stupid fear thing I have regarding anything to do with traveling long distances. 
But my guy has an agenda written out and we have his relative we can stay with all the way down and back. So pretty much everything is in place. Now to find a package that has two days instead of three, because we can't do that extra day there in wonderland. 
This will be the one and only time we will be able to do this and I know the kids are going to have a sweet sweet time. And it is most definitely NOT during Spring Break so there won't be any huge crowds to deal with! 
So yup, we will see if this all happens... so far everything seems to be falling into place perfectly.

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