February 2, 2010

We had our first weigh-in at church on Sunday...
My guy was the "Biggest Loser"!! 
He lost a whopping 11 1/2 lbs!
I lost 6 1/2 and was in the top 5 with my guy! 
That was a sweet sweet surprise for both of us... We have a scale at home but it is old school and apparently isn't doing it's job. So we will be getting a new one as soon as we receive our tax return =)

Didn't get one of the work outs done yesterday but did walk a couple miles with my mother and father-in-law while my guy sat and watched the kids... they would have all gone but it was really wet outside and we didn't want to have to deal with the drama that comes from being tired and wet. 
There were many hills. 

My girl is home today with a cold and a slight fever... They just had a four day weekend! I'm hoping she feels better soon so she doesn't miss out on anymore school.
Have been reading The Great American Detox Diet... I am really liking it a lot and can't wait to get to the recipe part of the book to see if I actually want to purchase it. Have found a whole lot of helpful tips and ideas so far.
Trying to read The Hiding Place for book club also... don't know if I will be able to finish it by Saturday but at least I got part of it read.

Haven't touched the crochet, because of the reading... I am WAY behind now but that's alright... I will get it done some day.

Can't wait for warmer weather!!

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