January 27, 2010

Workin' Out and Hungry...

So this week was/is the beginning of our church's Biggest Loser Season 3. My husband wanted to join it this time so we did!
We are using this website due to candida issues my husband has due to antibiotics he took as a kid. 
So far there is pretty much nothing to eat but with the website there are some recipes I can make and well I'm learning to just throw everything together. :)

For the first time in our marriage we are working out together! It is quite entertaining since I'm so used to having to do things on my own... so getting used to another body, in our small living room, is a bit weird. 
This is what I'm doing with him

I love Bob! And think these are the best work outs... I tried the other dvd's they have and didn't like them. This one works just fine for me.
When my husband is at work I am going to do these others...

I did the Turbo Jam a few minutes ago and absolutely LOVE these workouts!! Extremely fun and you definitely get a good sweat going! I highly recommend these workouts.

The Bar Method is a definite butt kicker! I think I will add this in in a month or so because this one is hard if you aren't ready for it.

So there is a lot going on over here. 
Still working on the afghan, will have photos soon!
My mind is running with things to do with the fabric I have but not sure when all that is going to go from my brain to my hands... We will see. :)
Off to get cleaned up before I go get my girl. 
Have a fabulous day!!

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