January 21, 2010

Crocheting again... 
got my new yarn and restarted the Afghan.

My girl lost her other top tooth... I hope her other teeth grow in quickly, I don't like that she has no teeth. :(

January has been tight but the end of it is almost here and we will get through it with flying colors no matter what the outcome. 

A large group in our church has been doing "Biggest Loser" challenges since last summer and starting Sunday will be the "Third season" my husband decided that he wanted to do it but only if I did... Would I EVER say no!?! So here we go... Now I will be able to push myself more to get fit and I have no excuses... I do hope my body cooperates with me because it hasn't been very nice these last few weeks with the changing weather around us. 

The baby blankets are ready for hand quilting... but I'm still unsure of how I'm going to do it. So they still sit there on the sewing machine. 

Ok I'm sorry... I feel like a broken record... but this is what I'm doing right now... Feel like I need to make a life of my life so that it will be more interesting because I even bore myself.
 I will post pictures of the crochet squares as soon as the sun comes out again, because it makes the best light!

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