March 15, 2010


My little man turns 8 today! 
This is our future president... He told me he wants to be president because they get to wear suits and ties. 
He started wearing a suit and tie after he saw Bush give a speech a few years back. 
He would wear one every day if I let him. 
Such an odd duck, always going in his own direction.
I always wonder what he is going to be like when he becomes an adult. I hope and pray it is something amazing! 
He has such a sweet heart. 
A little mama's boy really. But tough and loves to work hard.
<3 <3 <3

Got an email the other day saying that the flannel fabric I had ordered wasn't available... Talk about frustrating... So ordered some more in a natural color (I use it as batting in my baby blankets) Hopefully it works this time because I really want to get them done. 

Still sick but I guess I can say getting better... Such an incredibly slow process, to slow if you ask me. There are a couple different kind of bugs going around... I'm just glad we didn't get the stomach one. 

Well off to clean up the house and disinfect it. And then need to make cookie sandwiches for my boy and get his gifts wrapped. There isn't going to be a party... We told him that Disneyland was his Birthday. But we will do a little family thing and I think he will be fine with that.

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