March 12, 2010

I have been sick since we got back from our little vacation and let me tell you it has taken so much energy from me. 
Anything I do wares me out quickly.
Yesterday was one of those days I over did it. Loads on top of loads of laundry all cleaned folded and put away. 
Dishes that had piled up from being sick cleaned and almost all put away.
So because of all that yesterday I had a long night of constant coughing and today is no different... Took some medicine this morning after I went out and bought more... We tend to go through it faster when everyone is sick. Going to drink Throat Coat tea, which does help a bit. And just take it easy.
I did receive all my fabric after we had gotten back and need to wash it. Ordered the Flannel fabric that I put in my baby quilts to give them a little extra warmth and got half off so that makes me happy. Hopefully it will get to me soon because I'm excited to get started on them. Yup, still need to finish the two quilt I already have... But with my head all gray and stuffed up not a whole lot is getting done that I was excited to do.
The kids are all doing way better, the coughing still lingers but at least they can go to school... Only one week left thought and then it will be Spring Break... I think I will have them doing school work during the week to keep them busy and maybe catch them up a bit.

So I guess that is it in a really big nut shell.
Same ol' Same ol' 
Nothing new under the sun. 
My life is what it is... There is no glamor here. ;]

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