March 4, 2010

Cali/Disney Trip

I don't even know where to begin.
The family headed out on our grand adventure Thursday after the kids got home from school. We told them that day that they were going to Disneyland, and off we went.
Our trip mostly consisted of rain the first half of the week... But let me tell you I have never in my life seen California so green!
Everything was in bloom! Acres and acres of blooming fruit trees and gobs of olive trees and oranges!
Saw lots of cows out in the fields also. And the air smelled so sweet! Until we would pass the areas where the cows were all confined in extremely muddy tight quarters. Those cows smell really bad... I can say that there is a HUGE difference between field cows smell and grain fed cows... They smelled like sewer and that is not a good smell. 

We stayed with my husband's relatives on the way down... we had his grandma and then two uncles that were spread out enough that we could get some good driving in and have a bit of down time before we took the next long stretch. 
We headed out to Disneyland Saturday morning just after they opened... It was a really bad stormy day but on the way I had told my guy that it's ALWAYS sunny at Disneyland! And sure enough as soon as we got there the sky was open above the Disney park and the sun shown through! It lasted until we left in the early evening so that we could head down to see our sweet friends and their sweet boxer pups! It was nice to finally get to see each other face to face! Of course we had gone to school with Rich but Nic-e and I hadn't ever met. 

Sunday was a beautiful day! We headed over to Harvest for church and then back to the park for some more torture... um I mean fun =) (Over 17 1/2 hours of walking makes for some incredibly sore legs) We were there until just before they finished the fireworks display... which was absolutely amazing!

So all in all the trip was great... We had some sick kids and myself... it all got worse when we headed up to Fresno to see all our friends... The smog was so bad it was hard to breath and that really got all of us coughing up a storm. It was worth it though to see everyone... Next time they need to come up here though. The air is much much cleaner.
We stopped off at In-N-Out a hand full of times going down and up. Our daughter doesn't like their burgers!! We don't know where she came from!
The ride home was alright... Thomas had an allergic reaction to some cough syrup so we had to stop and get him some Benedril, which I had to practically shove down him because he doesn't swallow pills at all. By the time we got home he had a fever of 105 and I had a fever of 102. 
We had a few moments where the oldest was car sick and then our daughter decided she was going to puke with out any warning.

It was a great trip!!
I don't know if I forgot anything... I'm sure I did... my mind was running with all kinds of ideas and thoughts... but I didn't have pen or paper.

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