April 12, 2010


Spent the day at Ikea after church yesterday with my friend. It was a long three hours! 
Walked out with a pillow for my guy and these 
All I need to do now is save up some cash and then I will be able to buy the frames for them. I decided to put these on my dining room wall. The frames will be the black ones with the white matting.  But also saw one of these picture frames...  and absolutely fell in love with it!! We thought it might be better with a mirror instead of a photo in it but then again I could probably find a sweet old black -n- white for it. No I didn't buy the frame.

I love all the fully furnished living spaces and found a whole lot of cool things. There was one room that my guy would have totally hated... The decor was in black and whites and the walls were covered in a b/w huge paisley print!! I don't why but I absolutely LOVED it!! 
We sat on this couch... I much prefer a higher back on a couch but it was very soft and comfy and I love the small chase/ottoman 

And for the kids I thought this would be awesome in their room one day... It is a huge world map... they had it displayed in one of their rooms and had placed a big magnetic board behind it and placed items from different countries on the map. Pretty awesome idea.
Also fell in love with a whole lot more but it would take a lot to fulfill those wishes. 

Found a few other things that caught my eye while going through blogs and design websites the other day... Like these tree branch stair rails... Love the roots that wrap over the first step there. Simple yet bold I think.

And then saw this bedroom!! WOW! Love it! I am NOT a fan of turquoise but every once in a while... WOW! 
I would actually do this to my bedroom if I could. 
It is breathtakingly beautiful and so bright!

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