April 8, 2010

For the past week or so I have been slowly cleaning around the house... It is so slow that I can hardly keep up with the new messes my children and husband leave me.
We have our own little paper landfill throughout the living/dinning room and kitchen not to mention what the kids have collected. I have gone through their rooms and have gotten rid of a ton of stuff they had hiding so I don't know where all this new garbage is coming from... must be the dust bunnies multiplying and mutating.

Need to work on the book shelves... the one in the living room is broken because someone, I won't mention names put their weight on the bottom shelf, after being told multiple times not to. So now there is a big stack of books holding up the shelf with another big stack of books... the thing is worthless I tell ya. I'm about ready to just head out to Lowe's and buy some good strong wood and make my own bookshelf that won't break or warp if you place anything on it. But don't have to tools or patience for that...
Yup a never ending battle I have going on with myself. LOL

I frustrate myself some times... There's so much going on inside my head and most the time what's in there never reaches the real world, it just sits there.
Off to make dinner.

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