April 7, 2010

Today... Talk About Random...

So far everything I said I was going to do today hasn't happened. The coffee did get made though!
And sometimes it seems that is all that matters.
Really getting tired of the cold weather... I want to feel the warmth of the sun on my face... I want to be able to put the sweatshirts away and keep them there. 

Also noticing that the birds have gotten a whole lot louder outside our box we call a home. Busy little things but so nice to listen to and so much better then the bird song CD's they have out there! Well I'm sure there are some CD's out there that sound wonderful.

I have changed a few things with my blog... that sure does take up some time when you don't quite know what you are doing. But I did it and I am actually quite pleased with how it turned out. 
Don't normally do this but I have been feeling the need to go garage/estate sale shopping... We don't need anything honestly but I feel like fixing up old furniture. Guess maybe I should work on the couple things that we do have and be happy with that... But cool vintage mirrors would be awesome on our wall if I can't find any old paintings.

I think the entry way on the left here is gorgeous! Of course it looks like the area gets a ton of sunlight which makes all the difference in the world!

The mirrors to the left are really cool... and if we painted them some bright color/ colors it might even make them even better.

This last photo is just cool looking... would never get away with it in my house, obviously, but it's still a sweet idea.

Well that's about all... Need to really try and at least clean my kitchen so that I can make another mess later when I figure out what dinner will be... Thinking maybe Taco Salad... which means we might need to go to the store for a few things. Ugh.

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Melissa said...

Uuuuuhhhh.... I plan on doing lots of Garage sales/Estate sales this summer! That's where I'm getting all the furniture for my apartment! ;)