April 6, 2010

Well Hello Thoughts...

Figured I'd come over here and post something so not as to bother people on facebook with all my posts. 

I have had a lot of ideas going through my head... my brain is overflowing with 'em!
My goal for this summer is to paint the hallway and our big room which consists of dining and living. We have had color on our walls since we moved in and crazy enough I'm ready for good ol' white or a tinted white. The color in the big room is light but it has brown/gray tones to it which make it pretty dull looking even when the sun is shining. We need to brighten up the place and at the same time make it look a bit larger. 
I would love to have a mural on the dining room wall but looks like I would have to have the artist physically show up and paint them because he doesn't sell prints...
  I love these three... American, Europe and Australia.
These are in The Painted House (seen below)
 I would like to do something in the kid's rooms to make it more like a bedroom and not a closet... we don't have many pictures on the walls if any... I was thinking maybe going to IKEA and buying the frames and having the kids do some art work and then hanging them. I also saw these yesterday and fell in love with them.
This is just one of many to choose from.

           I was also playing with some of my photos yesterday.
                                          This is what I did...
This is my original wedding band I haven't worn it for maybe 8 or 9 yrs due to weight gain/babies.
Yesterday I got it on because the band I have on now, which I got this last December is to big!! 
I should be happy but I really did like the new band.
I have lost over 15 lbs so far this year and have 30 to 40 more to go!! 

There is so much more going on, 
mostly in my head, I have the quilt
to finish... just washed the bamboo batting that will make this quilt soft and cozy and have the striped fabric for the backing ready to go... when I get it all sewn together then I will start the hand stitching. 

I'm going to make one of  these skirts most likely for my daughter only because I'm scared to make one for myself and then not be happy with how it looks on me. I will post a photo when I get that one finished of course. :)

 Also still have the baby blankets waiting patiently for me to finish. All pieces are pinned together, now to just sew them and then hand stitch those as well. 
And there is always constant cleaning up around here... If it isn't one thing it's another. ;]
Life is truly full.

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