May 24, 2010

May has been a cold wet one.
We did have a few days of warm mid 70's but that's about it. 
It's Oregon as it used to be. 
It's hard to believe we only have 3 1/2 weeks left till summer break!! But really our schooling isn't going to end. I have a lot to do with my two youngest to have them prepared and caught up for next year. Not a good idea to stop their education for summer anyways because everything they learned prier will go right out the window. So we will continue with reading, (learning letter recognition for my girl) math work AND lord willing crafty stuff.

Have a pile of fabric that I haven't started into. This last week the kids and I got sick once again. Will this ever end!!??!!
Started with the oldest..Then middle man got it and was throwing up all night every hour on the hour! After that my girl then myself. I have sworn since from all three pregnancies that I would never lose my lunch again.
I completely failed this time around. :(
Thankfully this was only a short bug but it sure did wipe me out. I'm still recovering it seems and the smell of any food makes me nauseous but it soon will pass and everything should be some what back to normal.
Sorry, back to the fabric! A couple more baby blankets to be made and strangely enough my guy really likes the Fanciful chicken fabric I ordered so it will become a tablecloth to brighten up the dining table this summer. Also have a couple cloth golden books to make! That will be my first time making these cute little fabric books so I'm pretty excited about that. Also received my first Fat quarter pieces for the FQ a month club.
Sitting here thinking as I was loading the pictures... Before I can get into any of this I need to first clean up the house and get a few things back in order. So I'm off... 

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