May 25, 2010

Giving myself a pep talk...

Really struggling with how I spend my time and maybe feeling a bit convicted.
I confess I have been completely lazy during my days. Some things get done but that isn't enough. The computer literally sucks the life out of you in so many ways. And sadly enough it is hard not to be on it because not only is it for personal use it is also for business use. 
Things used to be so much easier when computers where harder to figure out... you remember the blank screen and the annoying green type... there was no surfing on that thing. 
You did what you needed to do and that was that. 
The excuse I have been using is, I have no other technology, just my computer and that is why I'm on. 
No one calls anymore and even if they do it is so so hard to understand what they are saying because the phone lines aren't clear and people don't speak properly. Stamps are expensive and by the time someone gets a letter there is already something else to talk about or what you wrote already got it's answer. 

My words flow better if I type things out strangely enough. The delete button is much easier then an doesn't leave a mark. :)

But I have no excuse for not getting things done in the "real" world. So guess what I need to do is prioritize, which is really a no-brainer. 
What do we always tell our kids? 
"Clean up your room before you go outside!"
"Do your homework before you play that game!" 
Need to follow by example and listen to my own words.
There is a place and a time for everything and the family and home come first then I can play...but even then the play time shouldn't take up half the day.

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