June 23, 2010

headaches... don't like them one bit.
Shoulders feel like one big rock... there have been many attempts from friends to massage them out but it just won't budge. One day this will all go away and I won't have to deal with this anymore. Oh the joy I will have!!

So far the kids have done really well with getting their school work done each day. I know we are only on day three, but it is just so nice not to have to fight with them regarding the work. 
They started getting the board games out yesterday, even the harder ones... I haven't intervened... they pretty much make up their own rules and it seems to work.
The only struggle is getting my Mr. T to read anything... He just doesn't want to do it. And it has affected everything else he did/does regarding school and learning.
Got all of their report cards yesterday and who know where he is going to be placed next year... Just praying that something will click this summer and that he will catch on quickly so that he can surprise the teachers when he gets back.  This is the boy that wants to be President and an Astronaut someday. 

Ok, I think we might need a picture or two before I get all bummed. :)

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