June 22, 2010

Ho Humm...

Summer is here, well it seems to be for the moment. The weather has been awful lately!
Not a whole lot really going on... as you could probably tell by the drop off of posts. Started the kids on their summer school work... they are still in public school but what else are we going to fill our days with?? They need it and so do I for my sanity strangely enough school work is the best way to go. It doesn't take them long to do their couple pages and they are actually enjoying it and ask the first thing when they get up is if they can do their home work. Gotta love a kid you loves to learn! Just praying it last through the summer.

I really want to go lay in the warm sun... might start doing that this week for a little bit each day there is sunshine. Got to get some color on my legs so that I can take them out in public. Ha ha ha!

So that is all I have to say apparently... everything has been pretty much place on the back burner, like it always does.
I'll get motivated again one of these days even if it is in the middle of the night. Insomnia hasn't hit me for a while.

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