June 7, 2010

Huge Mess!

There is one huge mess called my living room!
Clothes unfolded and in a pile on the couch, games and books in heaps all over the floor and on the unfolded clothes, a couple stacks of records that were going to find a home on the bookshelf but that isn't happening now... the book shelf is now shorter due to broken pieces that where un-fixable on the bottom. And then I won't even tell you about all the papers everywhere because we have an issue with not throwing the garbage out!!! 
How the heck did I get this way!?! I swore I would always have a clean how with everything in order and now I'm drowning! No we aren't hoarders, we have just been in the same place for a long time and things accumulate. NO MORE! I'm done... it's gotta go if it's not important, we don't need it anymore.

I want my children to learn to take care of what they have and to be satisfied with what little they have. When you start collecting things you don't even use or remember having then you become discontent with what you do have... why... because you are unhappy with your mess! 
So books are gonna go out the door that we don't or won't read. I'm keeping the old books that we have... most of them are antiques or classics, as in they aren't in print anymore... at least that I know of. I like old kids books.

I'm thinking the sub-woofer is going to have to go somewhere else so that I can fit all the records on the same shelf. 
All right back to cleaning... I just needed to spill my guts for a minute so as not to post a bunch on FB and drive people crazy. <3

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