June 3, 2010

A Beautiful Day!

A little bit of painting going on. Finished it this morning!
Found the paint in the mess-up, or what we like to call the oops paint, section. My guy picked it out and I absolutely love it! Painted the original handles with Chrome paint and then added a few flowers and now it's brand new once again.

The sun has finally shown it's self and the birds are singing, not that they ever stop...it is a very loud neighborhood but I don't mind...they can sing all night for all I care, it's very soothing to my soul. Need to really save up some cash and buy some seed and houses for them, because I love having them in my back yard.

Can't believe only 2 weeks left of school for the kids!! This year seems to have picked up... it was a rough winter with constant sickness in the house but it looks like we have finally made it through and I'm praying in the Fall when they go back will turn out a whole lot better.

Well the floors can't scrub themselves so I'm off.
Good day everyone!

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