July 10, 2010

Summer is definitely here.
Just got over a heat wave... usually we get the heat wave at the end of summer, but not this time. Still not as hot as most people but when you go from low 60's to high 90's/triple digits it is a kind of shock to the system. 
All though I wouldn't trade it for anything. We really can't complain when those fighting over seas are doing so in 120!! And with all their gear on!! 

The kids have been enjoying their pool that seems to have gotten smaller since last year... We were looking at getting a large pool again (the last one we got broke), but didn't go for it and now everything is sold out. Oh well maybe next year. For now they will have to learn to move in the same direction. Hahaha Would love to have a permanent pool but I think the landlord would frown upon that.
Well the kids have decided they're hungry finally... off to make sandwiches and eat jello. :)

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