August 30, 2010

So... Why is it the closer we get to school the crazier the kids get? It is absolutely driving me insane!! I think they should have started school a few weeks back, the kids are ready to go so let them I say. :)
Looks like our middle guy will be held back in the second grade. I guess it makes since... He did miss a lot of school days due to illness this last school year. I'm praying that this new year will be better for him and that he will "get it" and thrive in all that he does. 
My husband isn't happy about about the whole thing and kind of bummed out, but it will be okay. 

My goal, who knows if I'll actually reach it this time, will be to get my shop up and running with items again. I have a hand full of things I can do. So I just need to do it and get them up, hopefully I'll start getting some sales again. That sure would be nice. Need to work some more on my photography, but with my little camera, I'm not taken seriously and that is kind of a downer. One day something will work out.
I'm going to stop writing now before I get all depressed.
Boy! Am I emotional these past few days!

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