September 9, 2010

It's been a little while. 
We spent the weekend up in Washington at a music festival called X-Fest it's almost like a family reunion for the bands and hopefully in the next year they will be able to attracted more people. We have gone for the last three or so years and it is most definitely 
The kids started school on Tuesday! We had thought that our Mr. T. would be held back in the second grade but when we got there we found out he wasn't staying back, his teacher moved forward. So praise the Lord! They are all doing very well so far, just keep praying that they all stay healthy and that they don't bring any bugs home... including the creepy crawly ones!! 
I've gotten busy cleaning things up around here... got all the laundry done, kitchen is about done, and did some much needed yard work by myself and w/ our landlord. Cleaned up the living room but that doesn't stay cleaned long due to four other people in the house. Trying to get things together for a garage sale tomorrow. Almost wish I hadn't said I'd participate but I did so I need to stick with it.

Well the kids are home and I have an issue with not wanting to read, so I'm off to silence the whiner. :)

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