August 24, 2010

Struggle and Happy Times...

Struggling... lack of motivation... exhaustion... What the heck!!
I can confess that most of my time is not spent wisely, and I think that is my biggest struggle of all. I have so much I can be doing or need to do but procrastination has been my guide and I seem to have lost the battle. 
Physically, I've been going down hill the last few weeks. It would be nice if the weather would stay consistent but it hasn't. Going from the 60's into the 90's over night causes so many problems. But such is life and I am learning to cope. I usually try not to show it.

A few more weeks and school will start up again. We are all excited and can not wait for the big day! These last few weeks of summer have been full and crazy, but really, honestly, worth it. 
This last weekend my brother brought up his family so I was able to get the cousins together for their yearly picture. We had a really good time together and one bathroom between all of us wasn't really a problem. I'm grateful for our old pop-up trailer also. It has been a life saver!

 So life has it's ups and downs and they always seem even each other out. 

Oh I added some more photos to my gallery over at
  One of these days I'm going to get a portfolio together and some hard copies and I'm going to sell them myself... but for now this will have to do. Thanks for checking them out. 

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