November 18, 2010

Pastry, Noodle Fail and a Scarf

Made some eclairs for our church's yearly Thanksgiving dinner/potluck last night...

the eclairs getting ready to put the eggs in
 This is the (from scratch) cream filling for the eclairs.
 The puffs... they turned out beautifully!
 But I think technically I don't know what you would call them because I didn't make the chocolate for the top, I ended up just sprinkling powdered sugar all over them. They were a hit because I didn't have to bring any home! 
Then we have a noodle fail...

 I tried to make noodles from scratch and well it was a sad moment in my kitchen... they may look pretty and taste alright, but they were horrible. I couldn't get the dough rolled out thin enough due to my hands not working well.
I do have another recipe that my cousin so sweetly gave me and I am going to try the noodle thing again... because honestly I think it may be cheaper and a whole lot better for you. :)
Now to something just as nice...
I decided to pull out my yarn and crochet hooks again... it has been a long time... haven't done anything since last yr/beginning of this year.
I think this scarf turned out quite lovely! 
Can't decide if I want to try and sell it or give it as a gift.
We will see. I enjoyed making it and already have the next one on the hook!
Thank you cold weather... you got me crocheting once again!

1 comment:

Emily said...

The scarf is gorgeous! I just love it...

And even if the noodles didn't turn out great the picture of them is nice. :)