November 11, 2010

Making Good Food...

 This is the roast that is slowly cooking in the crock pot.
Some beef broth, herbs & spices, minced garlic and to top it off the green onions that were growing from some old onions that never got used... they smell good so we will see how it tastes when it's finished.

Then we had some Jonas Gold apples from Hood River. The recipe isn't really a recipe per-say... 
I just threw things in a pan.
 Cut up all the apples, pealed most of them.
Then cut into small chunks.
Mix with a cinnamon/sugar mixture
In separate bowl I dumped some oats and brown sugar,
then put about 5 tbs. butter... I guess you could call them butter tabs. Put the bowl in the micro to soften the butter up really good then dumped the whole thing over the apples and slivered some more butter to go on top. 
Oven at 350 bake for 30 min.
I covered it with foil... but I think you could bake it either way. I actually just took the foil off and put it back in for another 3 min. We will see how it looks...
Not to bad... might be better if I did a mixture of quick oats and old fashioned ones. Or just left the foil off. ;)

So that is some of my day in the kitchen...  Also made some grilled cheese for the kids and I'm seriously thinking about making my homemade tomato soup!! 
Haha sorry don't remember what post that was... I've been here for a long time! It is lost in the archives, regarding my tomato soup recipe.
Good day to you!

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Emily said...

Mmmm... the food looks sooooo yummy!