January 27, 2011

The Plan...

So I absolutely love this kitchen! 
I'm ready to do some major painting and I'm going to take from this photo I found.
The cabinet color will go on the walls, The cupboards will then be painted a white. Will also paint the ceiling white. 
I'm tired of the nasty cupboards and ceiling... the style is over a decade old and it's time for an update. 
When it's finished it will be fresh and bright looking.
Oh, also need to change out all the handles on drawers and cupboard doors. 

Then we will head into another room... still thinking on color and what not. Don't know when we will get the In-laws couch but that will mean the whole color scheme that is in the living/dining room is going to change.

My husband wants color and he is going to get color. :)
More to come... got to get some cash to do all this... but I have the rest of this year to get all this done.
Good times! 

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