February 14, 2011

February and Protea Flowers

Wow! Half way through February, and I'm ready for spring.
The rain has returned in full force and it's Valentine's Day.
I didn't get roses this year, but that's alright with me, roses aren't my favorite... they are beautiful but I can get those any time... what I did get were three Protea flowers.

The one at the top and bottom are fuzzy... very different and in their own way kind of cool. I like them.

Kids have still kept pretty healthy this year... we have gotten the nasty cold but nothing else, thank goodness! I'm hoping we get through this nasty sick season with out any puking.

Praising the Lord that my guy's work has slowly been picking up again... hoping this year will be a busy and productive one for him.

As for myself... well it's pretty much the same ol' thing... cleaning and crocheting... almost finished with another scarf... still trying to get myself sewing on baby blankets again, it's just not happening. One of these days I'll get out of the sewing rut I've fallen hard into. 
It's all good.
Happy Valentine's Day to the few people that read. Hope you have a wonderfully blessed day! <3 

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