April 21, 2011

Spring just can't decide if it wants to show up this yr. It has been down right cold and wet this month. I know I know, April showers bring May flowers but so does warm sunshine.
I have blueberries that have some major growing to do. Due to being a renter, I decided that I would put all veggie and fruit plants that we buy will be put in large flower pots. 
The strawberries and tomatoes will be in those Topsy Turvy containers in hopes that the ants won't reach them. 
I absolutely HATE ants as some of you may know.

As always my head is over flowing with projects I'd like to do from sewing more blankets, to crocheting the Starship Enterprise, to painting on canvas. There are many other things I want and need to do, but to list them all would make my head explode. 

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