May 25, 2011

As always there's so much I need and want to do.
A few things are only half way done, like the living room. I have two walls painted and need to finish the third wall.
Kitchen walls are painted but still need to redo the cabinets.

Crocheting a Star ship Enterprise and a lap blanket... still not done. 
Losing weight... that is really slow. I did lose 8 lbs while at women's retreat a few weekends ago! But still have a long ways to go. Baby steps, extremely small baby steps.
Kids are almost done with school for the summer. I will, Lord willing, be working on all three with their penmanship and might even through in some math and a lot of reading.

 I did manage to get things done in the back yard... Birds and squirrels fed, flowers, lemon thyme, strawberries, blueberries and tomatoes planted. things picked up and or thrown away.

Sadly today all I really want to do 
is lay on the couch and cat nap.


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