January 19, 2012

Being Truly Satisfied

(Wrote this June 10, 2010)
This place we call home is not our home... it does not satisfy.
Think about it, are you ever really truly satisfied.

I'm finding lately that I'm not satisfied with anything around me. It's not that I want more or I'm not happy. I just find that the things we do or even eat can not really truly satisfy the soul, which is our deepest most important part. There is going to come a time, very very soon I'm thinking, when everything around us now will be gone. And then what will there be? Nothing.

Well for a non-believer this is very sad because everything you think you needed to fulfill your life will be gone. You put your "hope" in things which are flammable... which you know could be changed if you chose to change your heart.

As a believer we have nothing to be sad about. As long as our hope is in the Lord and we are growing in our relationship with Him we have nothing to worry about or hold us back. We can freely walk away and not look back... kind of like Lot's wife did in Genesis 19:26, she looked back and what did it get her? Nothing but a heap of salt.

I watched Leap Year the other day, sweet movie, anyways he asked her, "If you're place were on fire and you had to get out what one thing would you take with you?"
Would you be ready to go in an instant or would you try and grab all that you could... her boyfriend went through the apartment and grab all his electronics when he should have just grabbed her hand and left...
We can't be satisfied with things around us, we weren't made to be. Our only satisfaction is from Him and being in His word and moving on in our relationship with Him.

That doesn't mean stop everything you are doing, well some things, if we know they aren't good for us should be stopped but hopefully you know what I mean... We just need to realize where our satisfaction really comes from and keep moving on.

Just something I've been thinking about lately.

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