January 19, 2012


Looking back at the last few posts, which I just put up here on my blog, I'm amazed at how much I have learned through the last few years or so. There have been many struggles and tunnels I have gone through only to come out stronger and wiser than I thought I was.
The Lord is so good in all His ways and even if we don't visibly see changes we go through during the day, month, or even years. We are always changing and growing hopefully for the good. 
My struggles aren't gone for good and there will always be another tunnel around the corner, but it's all good, I know whose in control and I'm not afraid to go for the ride. 

He is my light in the darkness
He is the hand that reaches out when I need help
He is the quiet voice that assures me in times of doubt
He is my savior 
My healer 
My father
My friend
He is never changing 
He is always there no matter what
He is patient with me when I want to walk the other way
He is and always will be the filler of my heart and my ever lasting love. No one else can ever take His place.

I'm grateful for the days I fall in the gutter because it only makes me stronger and even though I can't see ahead the Lord can and I will listen for His instruction and do my best to follow what He tells me.

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