January 28, 2012

Rambling Thoughts in My Head...

Change... Sometimes you can see it, sometimes you can't. 
The change I can't see is easier to deal with. It just happens and it doesn't cause me anguish or pain.
Then there's the change that drives me crazy, I long for it. It needs to happen or I might go insane. Haha
My home needs a change... but yet in order to accomplish this change there are certain things that have to fall into place. So many DIY projects I would love to do. 
Kids growing older and those little toys they used to play with just taking up space. I would love to take their rooms to a new level, but don't know quite how to start. 
My body needs a change... I don't even want to go there. Some days I feel tall and slender other days I feel like a slump. Really don't feel like doing anything to make the changes happen. But what else can I do, I'm not getting any younger and the older I get the harder it is to stay fit.

 Sometimes I feel like I'm swimming in this materialistic world. Can't keep my head above water. A longing for a time when things were simpler. Loathing the technology everyone is so adamant about having It's all stuff we don't need to hold onto. It's just going to break and go out of style/date. So much money and time lost. 
We don't need anything, we only want most of the time.

Wow... sorry, I went from one thought right into another... seems to be where my brain is at today. 
I'm tired just so tired. 

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