March 20, 2012

Day 25

Not a whole lot to say... I'm doing well!
Yesterday was my 37th Birthday and I spent the whole day cleaning my house and getting things in order then had family and friends over to celebrate with me and my son who also had a birthday last week. 
So my energy is still going. I am having a hard time with the time change and losing that precious hour of sleep but what can I do... it's done and I just have to wait it out. lol
So yeah, I've been able to go outside in the cold and my joints aren't screaming at me like they were before. I'm feeling some normality since I've been taking the Vemma. It feels so good to feel good again! 
Little changes I've noticed: My skin is looking better, my nails are growing and I think they are stronger, energy is still there, less joint aches, more awake, brain is a bit clearer.
Just feeling so good! I can't say that enough. 
This world has some major vitamin deficiencies and I've tried buying the vitamins in pill form and liquid form and they just don't compare to how much you get with Vemma, I'm telling you right now, and this is truth! There is nothing else out there as good as this stuff!! I do not lie! I've been there done that! With all the money I've spent on other pills, liquids and herbs, I could have been taking vemma all this time and saved myself the trouble. 
Have a wonderful day!

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