March 24, 2012

Let the allergies begin. My throat is killing me and Spring is only just begun. 
Spent the part of the day out doing yard work and such with my guy. He trimmed a bunch of bushes which sent the fragrance of the freshly cut branches wafting through the air. 
My girl has been coughing every night for the last few weeks and my middle guy's little eyes are starting to look puffy. 
Funny how our bodies deal with allergies in their own way. My guy gets very sleepy and crabby. He doesn't think he has allergy problems but we all know the truth. haha
Other then all that. Things are going well. 
Off to watch a Vincent Price movie. I'm loving him lately and really enjoy his campy movies. 
Going to hopefully get some crocheting done as well. 
Good night.


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