March 26, 2012

Day 31

It's a gorgeous day! The sun is shining and it's almost warm enough to open more than two windows. 
Sick today due to my daughter loving to share with me. She has a cough and headache... I have a cough and I'm nauseated. Threw up this morning but I'm determined not to do it again. 
I'm just thankful this is happening during spring break and not during school. 
Finished off my first month of vemma this morning! the new bottles showed up a few days ago. I love that the shipments overlap. 
Even though I'm sick, I'm able to function. Thank goodness! 
By next year me getting sick will be a distant dream. Because my immune system should be functioning 100% by then. 
Well off to finish folding the mountain of laundry so that I can sit on my love seat again. 
Happy Monday to you!

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