April 9, 2012

Day 45

Well these last few weeks have been all together no good. 
The crud hit our house, first with our girl who than coughed in my face while I was taking her temperature (she also ended up w/ an ear infection) which than got me going and this was the kid's Spring Break. When that week was over our son got sick. So he and I spent that week home together. The oldest is coughing now... but he seems to be doing alright so far, knock on wood.
I think I'm done being sick, but now my allergies have gotten involved and I'm still miserable. 
I honestly haven't been taking my vemma this whole time. Which I should have been, but I'm starting again and everything is going to be just fine. :) I had already been taking it a month so it was pretty much in my system. 

So Easter Sunday was very good! The teaching at church was definitely not watered down in any way. It was Truth and nothin' but the Truth. 
We hung out at the In-laws the rest of the afternoon, ate corned beef (My mother-in-law makes the best!), the kid's searched for eggs than their Auntie told them the story of Jesus' resurrection. It was very sweet.

And I enjoyed every step my niece took around the house... She is a walkin' girl now and is the sweetest little thing full of giggles and funny faces. This is my favorite time... she even came "running" to me with her arms up in the air for me to catch her up in my arms. So precious. Wish babies could stay this size and age forever a longer period of time. Toddlers are the best! 
 Well I'm still not back to normal, but I'm getting there. Life goes on.

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