May 9, 2012

Oops, it's been a while. I lost count. 
Doing well. Still have the darn cough... I know it's lasted a long time, but there isn't much I can do about it and it is far and few between. 
I'm awake. Energy level is pretty much back to normal. I'm sleeping good at night and when I am tired during the day, it's a normal tired not an extremely exhausted kind of tired. 
Have felt a little pain here and there, but I know my body is going through a healing and rebuilding process. When your body is working hard and not getting the vitamins/minerals it needs it starts to shut down. 
I'm able to stand at the sink and wash my dishes now with out having to take a break. 
I do have a lot of weight to lose... honestly 60 lbs. It's all starting to show it's self and I'm really hating it but can't seem to get myself to do something about it. I never wanted to look or feel this way. And now you can see it all over my face. I can admit it. Not proud of it. Need to quit getting the motivation at the end of the week and start working out at the beginning. Only because weekends are harder. 
Okay. So that is that. I'm feeling good and love my VEMMA
now it's time to start moving!
Good day to you!  

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