January 14, 2014

Everything changes when you have a good attitude and choose to make the best of whatever is put in your path through out the day.
There have been so many occasions where I have failed and fallen flat on my face in a horrible mess of crap.
It's slimy and sticky and really hard to get out of. But there is a remedy! And that is realizing that you have no control over anything. You do have a choice. Who will you serve? Will it be the bad or the good. 
I'm covered by the Grace of God and even when I fall He is always there to pick me up, wipe me off and encourage me to head in a better direction, so that I'm not wallowing in the mess I just fell in, because I think I'm not worthy enough to do anything about it.
He chose me, He sacrificed His son for me, He covered me in Grace and my cup is always overflowing with His amazing love for me! 
Bad days come and go, but they don't have any control over me... 
So I press forward knowing I was chosen by an amazing God who created it all.


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