April 24, 2014

All For Nothing

Can't believe how quickly the months have gone by this year!
It is so true that the older you get the faster time flies by, there's no slowing down. 
Things have been good, I've had my ups and downs but I'm pushing through and the Lord is constant. Winter brought a lot of sickness for me, but I think I'm finally on the other side.
My body even tried to have a panic attack this last week and it wasn't allowed to swallow me up! I kicked it's butt!

We have been going to church a lot lately it seems but I love it and enjoy every minute of it! Church isn't just something we do, it's something we look forward to every week, it takes a priority in our lives as it should. I never understood why people had to take "breaks" or "days off" when it came to church. It's not like it's stressful. It's a sweet time of fellowship and encouragement. It's a freedom that many don't have. We are called to gather together.
We love our little fellowship, the Lord has been doing some sweet sweet things among us and our relationship is deepening day by day.
I have had incredible joy flowing through me this year... no not the happy feely visible stuff, but that unspeakable overflowing joy that's within the heart, that comes even in the trials, struggles and stormy days because it's from knowing the Lord and knowing He is in full control in my life and His gracious merciful everlasting love covers me. Even in times of conviction and discipline comes sweet joy.

The school year is coming to an end and then all crazy will break out as our oldest starts high school in the fall! Wow, Lord, I remember us counting out how old we would be when our kids hit graduation... getting closer and closer! Glad I don't look my age and working on not feeling it as well. ;)

Haven't been doing much in the creative department. But I know the Lord cares even about the little things I struggle with in my life and this desert will soon have a sweet rain run through it once again and the creativity will flow. This is only a season. 


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