March 2, 2015

New Look New Year

You don't really see growth until you look back over your life.
  Wow, have I had some major changes take place!
My view of the gospel and my heart has grown and strengthened. I'm able to show grace where I wasn't able to before, in relationships with friends (old & new), family and even Joe Schmoe off the street.
Cannot believe we've been with our little church for over two years now! We've come a long ways and we've had some huge bonding experiences together.
It's become that safe place I've longed decades for.
And worshiping with my husband has been sweet.
I've also gone to a doc for my physical issues. I was SO sick the end of last year into January of this year. 
My diagnoses:
major depression, sluggish Thyroid, and bad vitamin D deficiency
The first day I started taking 10,000 mg of D and fish oil... because an oil needs an oil and you lose potency when you just take a multivitamin with D in it... I saw a big difference!
Then I started taking the Thyroid meds and another huge difference! I actually started dropping weight I've been struggling so hard to lose! And my body temperature went back to normal... it was a consistent 97 degrees.
Lost 3 lbs when I was sick and then another 5-6 lbs after I started going to the doctor! I only have 40 more lbs to go to reach my goal weight! It feels good to not be stuck anymore.
Last year was also my year of heavy anxiety attacks. It got to the point that I was struggling 24/7, I wouldn't wish that on anyone! It's the worst feeling in the world!
I've only had one so far this year. But I know I'm not completely cured and I will have my ups and downs as my body heals.
The Lord has been so sweet to me during this time. He has blessed me in more ways then I could ever imagine.
Even got one of those light boxes, doc's orders, and that has helped greatly as well.

I've been doing my best to keep my creativity going.
You can see what I've been up to over on my facebook page.
I have my Etsy shop still Sleepless Stitch
 But more items are sold outside of the shop. 
Haven't done a whole lot of photography... it happens just not as much as it used to. I blame it on cell phones. haha
I will write more on here as things come to mind... I know I didn't go as deep in my thought as I could. But it's been a long time since I've written like this and it takes time to pick it back up.


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Oh no! Depression is so exhausting disease for a young and full of energy women! Please, do not let depression to overcome you. You are so talented! You have to become a writer.