December 11, 2015

When Time Flew

The flying of time.
It's a cruel, heartless beast.
Never stopping for the slow, so that they may catch up.
It just keeps moving forward.
This has been a been a yr that has gone by quicker than the last.
It's been a learning year,
a growing year,
an exciting and trying year.
Years prior were full of continuous pain and naps, things were missed out on, with only the photographs as a witness to life that really happened in my mental absence.
There can't be guilt or condemnation, it's long gone and past.But there is thankfulness to see how far I've come.
A few more years and one by one my children may be preparing to leave the nest. It's exciting and scary to think of them on their own. But such is life and we can't hold them back and keep them from growing up. Just as we did the same, they will do the same. They are already making choices that are leading them into adult hood. They are failing and accomplishing many things during this time and I'm thankful that I get to be apart of this time of their lives.
There will be tears and maybe empty nest issues, but I wouldn't have it any other way. 
It's an exciting time.
My creativity has taken a huge hit during my illness, I've tried time and time again to kick start my gift, but not doing it for so long with a little bit thrown in here and there makes it really incredibly hard to accomplish. I'm not sure what I will do with all of it.
So many projects yet it seems every time I'm on the web, I'm bombarded with art&craft. And I feel old because I'm not up to date with design and display of my work.
There has been created this false sense of perfection that most people can't reach. You see it in photographs, home decor and the crafts/art. You know what I mean? That magical, white wash lit, minimalist, outdoor-ish, photoshop (a lot of the time), candles aglow, perfection.
It catches your eye and draws you in and fills you with this magical, glittery feeling... and then you look around at your house and go into some kind of depression because you can't achieve such perfection at all times. Oh pinterest is good for showing you how to accomplish this look, but really in the end do we really accomplish it. I don't think so, unless you're made of money and a whole lot of time, sweat and tears. Haha, oh brother.


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That is an awesome post! I also love to summarize a past year, to find out what was made correctly and what was wrong or need an update. I also love to put targets for a new year.