January 7, 2008

Oh, how I long to see the warm sun once again.
I feel I have fallen in despair with this grey sky all around me.
Lord, bring us the warm weather soon so that my days may
be bright and cheery.
Ok so really I am just suffering with my pms.
But it would be nice to see Spring come because it only means that summer is around the corner and that we can open our doors and windows to let the fresh air in.
My last post at the end spoke of some fabric calling me...well I still honestly haven't gotten to it yet. But I know exactly what it is going to look like so at least I am part way there.
I am a little down about the whole thing (again most likely my pms) I haven't sold any purses in a long while. All I get is wonderful sweet comments on them and all who have bought them are greatly pleased with the product.
I just don't know. The only reason why I stress I guess you could say is because we could really use the money. We are trying to get all of our debt paid down or completely off and my in-laws want us all to go to Disneyland in September because the kids have never been and it is "the perfect age" for them to go and have fun.
We already have a place to stay because of my husband's wonderful sweet grandma and her time shares but we still need to get there and pay to get into the park. So I am thinking we will need $2,000.00 or more. It may not seem like a whole lot to some but this is a huge amount for us.
So much that seems so overwhelming but I know everything will work out in the end.
It is just hard to be patient and trust sometimes when you are going thru little trials in your life.
Ok so I didn't want this to be a "Poor me" post.
It just would be nice to sell all of my purses and have an empty Etsy shop and website.
I think I will go and get myself cleaned up and dressed and then I am going to try and turn my gloomy day around. It is already noon but I still have some time before the day is over with. :)
So I will be grateful that
we finally got food stamps and won't have to eat our condiments for lunch or dinner.
I will be grateful that
the sun is still out there shining even if the clouds are in the way.
I will be grateful that
my children are some what quiet today.
I will be grateful that
I can still make a change.
Have a beautiful day everyone and be grateful even when things seem to be so far out of reach that you don't know if you will ever get there.
It is already prepared for us, we just need to trust and wait.

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