September 29, 2008

Finally started painting on Thursday. Yup, I did it in my little hall way. I was good and primed before I added color. Had to use what I had so it is done in a white with blue tint. Decided to paint the handles a chrome color.
Hopefully will have it totally finished by the end of next weekend. But this is a good start.

Then Friday morning we headed down to Reedsport/Winchester Bay and were blessed with a night in this Yurt! There was a kitchen and a full size bath. We are definitely planning on doing this again next year when we can hopefully stay longer.

We were near the Umqua Light House. The kids had never seen a light house before and got a kick out of seeing it in all it's glory at night. It was so cool!!

And the best part of all... We were near my parents!!! This is their little shop that they have in Winchester Bay. They make breads, sandwiches, doughnuts, pastries, ribs, and more! They also have other items that they sell. It is a cute little place.
It is within walking distance to all of this...

Such a beautiful place! All the 4 wheeler people come here to ride the dunes. There is a cannery to the right of this photo and little shops, we ate the freshest fish I have ever had at a little place called Griffs. The coast guard is next store to all of that. And it smells wonderful and even with all the huge RV place and campground ...there really weren't a whole lot of people. It was perfect.

We are definitely going to save up and take a longer vacation next year and this time we will bring his parents with us. I would pick this kind of vacation over Disneyland any day.
Got the yearly photos of all the cousins together...I took a bunch but can't see them in my display very well so this is one I randomly picked. Thomas has a goofy, eyes closed face and Josie has her hand in her eye but my little Gracie (the baby) is laughing and I love that.

I also have sort of a praise report too!!! My husband applied for a job a year or so ago and when we got home Saturday night there was a message on the answering machine...Looks like they are finally going to hire him!!! THIS is HUGE and much needed financially and health wise. It is a forklift job and he will get more then what he is making now...we will be able to pay our bills!! Just praying that they will officially hire him quickly though, he had to go through their temp agency but they personally asked for him and we have a friend who works there that goes to our church.
The Lord is so good to care for us. I will always remember Him saying to me, "My timing is better then your timing." So true and I wouldn't have it any other way. : )

Off to add all the other photos to my flickr, check them out if you would like.

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Emily said...

WAHOOO on the new job! Isn't it amazing how stressful it can be? I remember back in March when my husband was totally unemployed. It didn't last long, but I got that feeling of...uh, dread?