September 23, 2008

Just Around The Corner...

Do you realize that Christmas is just around the corner!?! It will be here quickly.So I thought if you are having a hard time finding something for that someone you might be interested in seeing what I have...

Photography, Poster, shoes, skateboards, magnets, key chains, note cards, aprons among others at:*

Photography, posters, cards at:

Baby blankets and handbags at:

So there you go just a few things that I have up for sale...You can see a few of the items on my profile page.
These aren't just for Christmas, you can get items for other occasions also if you would like.
Have a fabulous day!

There was a problem when I posted the links...they are fixed now...if you still can't see them then you can find my shops to the right near the bottom on my page here.


Elinor Dashwood said...

Hi there Christina! Your comment on my blog was SO sweet and thoughtful. I appreciated it more than you know. We built the addition for my Dad in it's been a long time since we first met here in cyberspace. = ) Even though we've never met, I feel like we're old friends!

I went to see Dad this morning and he's much more comfortable than yesterday. They are giving him more morphine more often, so it's helping him relax. Thank you for praying!!!


Emily said...

why oh why can't I get those links to work? I'll try on Explorer.