September 30, 2008

Messing around with my blog...Not doing very well...probable should be doing what I am really supposed to do...want to lay around all do much school work to do today.

My guy got the job and gave his two weeks notice Monday!!! Praise the Lord!!! He is also going to the men's retreat and is excited about it! I am praying that the Lord will do some moving in his heart and that he will come home a different person.

Long to be back on the sand.

Our sunshine will be going away in a few days then the rain begins. I don't do so good when it is constantly gloomy out...thinking of adding some bright to our home so that it looks like the sun is shining inside all winter long. I still haven't figured out why my living room is in dark browns and deep Burgundies... I have always been drawn to the coastal decor. I love looking at my Coastal and Country Living catalogs so many different ideas to choose from.
Hey did you know that when I was just in High School I thought I wanted to be an interior designer? And of course a painter. My dad gave me some interior design books from the 70's that were so awesome...I hope I still have those...

Ooops I am procrastinating and need to get things done before it hits noon.
Good Day.

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