October 27, 2008

helping a friend, sick son, and yummy coffee to make my day!

First off my weekend was long and eventful. I spent Friday night and all day Saturday helping a friend unpack in their new apartment. That was such a blessing to me to be able to help because I don't often get asked because, well I think because I am home with three children and am unable to get out most of the time. Anyways I was truly blessed.
Sunday my body told me how unhappy it was re: Friday and Saturday...I still went to church, which was so good for me...and then we spent some time just laying on the couch while my headache went away.

I thought I was going to be able to catch up on lack of sleep last night but that was stopped quickly by my oldest puking at about 3:00 or so...Apparently he picked the bug up from his Popi on Saturday. The puking has stopped so I think we are in the clear at least with him...just praying that it didn't get spread to the rest of us.

We are in for a gorgeous day today!! It will be our last day of warm sunshineing weather it looks like for a while. I love the 70's so hopefully with a sicky in the bunch we will still be able to enjoy it.

Oh my goodness!!! I have to get this off my chest! Last night we were skimming through the channels to see if there was anything good on...It was around 9:30 and guess what was on the family channel!?! It was Poltergeist and it has started at 9:00!!! and on one of the public channels they were playing The 40 Year Old Virgin!! That one had started at like 7 or 8 ish...We were trying to figure out how they would edit that one... So crazy the things that keep showing up earlier and earlier. I don't know it just caught me off guard, of course I shouldn't be shocked, it has been going on like that for a while.

Thanks I feel better now. : )

Well I am off to try and get things I wanted to get done today. But first off I am going to make this http://theordinaryhousewife.blogspot.com/2008/10/pumpkin-spice-latte.html

I think that will make me feel a whole lot better :D This is one of my new favorite blogs...she has some awesome recipes!! I am making one of them for our Thanksgiving get together on the 12th...it is gonna be yummy!!

Have a beautiful Fall day!!


Emily said...

I'm often shocked at what they call 'family friendly' shows. Like...HELLOOOOO.

I hear ya.

(and I like your new colors.)

Elinor Dashwood said...

Wow, you've been busy!! I'm glad you got out on Friday night & Saturday to help your friend...wish it were me you were helping! I bet we'd chat all night long.

I'm sorry your son was throwing up - that's the most repulsive thing. I don't do well when my kids are sick like that. If they get hurt, no problem, but puking - I'm outta there! I let my husband deal with body functions that come up!!! I'm such a horrible mom, huh?

I agree with you about the channels...every time I turn on the TV I see more and more junk!! It's horrible. You can't be too safe these days. My kids can ONLY watch TV with us and as soon as a commercial starts, the mute button is pushed and often the channel is turned..depending on the station.

Now...to go check out that pumpkin spice latte you mentioned....mmmmmmmmm!

Have a wonderful week,